About Me

Freamy Kreations was born with my ultimate passion for baking, we are not just a business, we are a passion, we are a hobby and we are a family. I am Akshi, Baker and owner of #KreamyKreationsByAkshi, I am completely self-taught, I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls a wife to the most supportive husband.

Kreamy Kreation’s is something close to my heart, I grew up in a home where baking was everything and my mom had a passion for chocolate making, she called her little home based part time business “Akshi’s home made goodies”. And like any good baker’s home, a kitchen filled with trays of treats and the smell of heavenly cakes inspired me to get in the mix.

Then it was time for me to start my new chapter in my life, I became a stay home mom and for 2.5 years I baked for my kids, family and loved ones, and then the love needed to be shared and we opened our arms to the public in 2016.

This world has many heroes, most of it we know by name, But among all those heroes this world has ever had, there are two more people that I can’t forget to mention and that is my mom and dad, when I hear the word HERO and the great things they have done, it will always remind me of my parents because they are my greatest Hero’s. Your seeds of encouragement have been planted and grown. Thank you for your consistent faithfulness to me